Intra Logistics Solutions


INTEGRAL·LOG has evolved as a result of the efforts of its owners and their experiences in developing markets and leading small businesses into prolonged periods of growth and innovation.

The core of our business is to provide you with specially designed, state of the art and reliable Intra-Logistics Solutions that meets your needs now and in the future. More than 20 years of International Experience – in the fields of automation and Warehouse Logistics Solutions – with an extensive knowledge of the Intra-Logistics Business eliminates your risks.

INTEGRAL·LOG designs, develops and delivers the right and state of the art intra-logistics solutions for customers. We provide everything companies need to optimize their logistics needs to optimal throughput efficiency – from planning through installation, implementation to customer after-sales services.

INTEGRAL·LOG provides high class warehouse and logistics solutions at the lowest cost. to enable companies to achieve the highest throughput at the lowest cost. Years of experience, targeted involvement in local markets and intensive collaboration with customers – this is how we have gained our expertise, which many sectors of industry have been profiting from over the years.

INTEGRAL·LOG products are used everywhere; in trade and industry, services, local authorities, research centers and management, right through to the end consumer. This strong local network continuously provides us with valuable ideas for the product improvements and sustainable customer relationship.

Products & Services

INTEGRAL·LOG provides a comprehensive range of Solutions. Among others racking, storage systems, mezzanines for storing pallets, bins, trays and cartons to long loads. Furthermore we can deliver material handling equipment from gravity flow conveyors to full automated ASRS-Systems such as:

  • Fast & Efficient Storage - Our variable and high quality modular shelving systems have been developed to fit your products and your requirements.
                                    Efficient Space utilisation: Our platform systems Structural steel or racking supported platforms make maximum use of space and increase the available space in your warehouse through the integration of additional levels.

    Modular Shelving & Mezzanine Systems

  • Ever since pallets became the standard for storing goods, pallet racking is an essential part in warehouse storage systems in many industries. 
                                    Our pallet rackings are stable and robust, versatile and expandable, safe and of lasting value. Plenty of reasons for not leaving anything to chance when it comes to purchasing pallet racks.
                                    Types are: Selective Pallet Racking,
	                                            VNA Pallet Racking,
	                                            Drive-In Pallet Racking,
	                                            Multiple Deep Pallet Racking,
	                                            Pallet Live Storage systems,
	                                            Mobile Pallet Racking,
	                                            Shuttle Systems.

    Pallet Racking

  • Cantilever racking systems are ideal for storing your long goods or other bulky items. The list of products that can be stored ranges from plastic tubing, steel pipes, profiles and wooden planks to heavy coils.

    Cantilever Racking Systems

  • The storage of small items, for example in containers, is ideal for the shelving type in an automatic small parts store. Entire warehouse units full of small parts, controlled via IT, are retrieved from unmanned automatic storage and retrieval systems. They are then supplied to the relevant order picking stations using a conveyor line connection.

    Conveyor Systems

  • Optimise your material flow and control your warehouse easier than ever and at a significantly lower price - with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) - the intelligent and flexible software solution for you intralogistics.

    Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

  • As powerful as it is flexible: Automatic small parts store.
                                    Whether you are using containers, trays or carton units in your small parts stores; space and time should be used efficiently. This can easily be achieved with our automated systems. In addition to significantly reduced access times and low space requirements, you will also benefit from the high level of flexibility and the modular design of our solutions.

    Automated Storage and Retrieval System for Pallets and Mini-loads


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